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Cut Calories This Halloween With These Simple Tips

Update Date: Oct 15, 2012 08:14 AM EDT

Halloween is just round the corner and the time has come to fill that stomach up with tempting candies and let guilt take over once again for adults and children alike. Well, do you have to necessarily let guilt take over once again? Won't it be better to simply steer clear of sweet temptations or choose mini treats over the fun-sized ones? At least that's what the experts suggest.

For all those people who watch their calorie intake and are conscious about putting on weight, experts advise a few simple tips to resist the candy temptation. First of all, they say, it might help to wait till the last moment before buying Halloween candies in order to cut the extra calories, because if there are no candies in the house, you can't be tempted to eat them, Health Day reports.

Also, they warn that the little bags of candy add up extra pounds. For example, a 0.75-ounce "fun-size" bag of M&M's contains 100 calories and 3.3 grams of fat, according to a news release from EmblemHealth.

According to Dr. William Gillespie, a pediatrician and EmblemHealth's Chief Medical Officer, another way to avoid candy temptation could be by simply concentrating on other activities associated to Halloween, like telling spooky stories and making crafts or costumes, rather than thinking about the candies.

Other tips offered by Gillespie to ensure people of all ages enjoy a healthy Halloween, include:

  •  Keep candy out of sight. Once children are already given candies, you can put away the rest of the candy so that they don't see it again and think about it.
  •  Do not restrict too much. Forbidden things usually seem more tempting. Let the children choose a few of their favorites from their Halloween bag and get rid of the rest.
  •  You may think of filling up the kids with a healthy meal or snack before they head out on Halloween, they may eat less candy.
  •  This is for adults: Do not buy tempting candy. While buying candies for home or office, simply pick up the ones you don't like much, so that it does not temp you a lot.
  •  Don't buy oversized candies. Picking up a small sized candy can really make a big difference in the number of calorie intake.

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