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Women Worry About Signs of Ageing 29: Study

Update Date: Oct 11, 2012 08:40 AM EDT

Young girls and women are chasing the media-defined perfect looks like never before and a single sign of aging appearing anywhere on the body can cause a woman to spend sleepless nights, unless she somehow "fixes" it.

What hits as little disturbing is that while signs of aging like saggy breasts, thinning hair and receding gums were something for a woman of 50 years to be worried about, according to a new study, women as young as 29-years-old are spending sleepless nights worrying about the same these days.

According to the research, women these days start worrying about aging from their late twenties.

It is ironic because a girl child mostly spends her teenage years trying to look older and only becomes happy with her looks by the time she is 20. And by the time she reaches late twenties, the struggle to look younger begins.

At 29, women apparently become concerned about wrinkles, sagging boobs, bingo wings and crow's feet. This is the time when she tends to get their first grey hair.

The research reveals that about 33 percent of women fear going grey, while thinning hair concerns three in 10.

Other revelations of the study include one-third of women saying a sagging bottom keeps them awake at night and 29 percent would want to avoid a wrinkly cleavage at all costs.

The top fears of ageing for women are listed as facial hair, a middle-aged spread and thread veins apart from double chins, age spots, wrinkly hands and thinning lips, Mail online reports.

According to the report, these fears lead a woman to spend 12 minutes of every single day applying creams and make-up to combat these signs of ageing.

Also, apparently, one in ten women feel they look older than they are by an average of six years while six in 10 women claim they feel younger than they are, thanks to the good make-up and cosmetics available these days.  

About 45 percent of respondents say they get compliments about their younger looks, and say that it is worth taking the effort to look younger.

"It is incredible to think that those who are still in the prime of their life at 29 are already worrying about the effect ageing will have on their face and body. That said, it's really never too early to take care of your skin, and today's women are lucky that products on our shelves really work. A quick skincare routine started at 29 really will combat the signs of ageing and it's got to be worth the effort," Andrew Groom, Buying Director of Superdrug, the company which conducted the study of 2,000 women, said.

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