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Bring The Zing Back To Your Monotonous Fitness Regime

Update Date: Jan 17, 2017 06:07 PM EST

A recent report has underlined the importance of variety in fitness regimes as opposed to routine workouts in order to derive maximum health benefits. This also helps keep the moticvation high to continue with the fitness programme. 

The report also suggests that performing the same type of fitness program may kill the interest  altogether and introducing a fresh change to a set pattern revives enthusiasm. 

Variety in workouts positively impacts exercise

Performing the same routine exercise everyday makes the body adapt to the exercise. Therefore, the exercise is not as effective.

Experts reveal that when a different workout is introduced, the body seems to absorb that difference very well. Consistency in workouts is sacrosanct to realize any health benefit.

A change in workout is recommended every eight to 12 weeks according to Well & Good. It not only boosts strength, motion and body abilities, it aids better weight management and toning of the body. Further , it stimulates the body to repair and heal by activating the hormones in the endocrine system.

"Every eight to 12 weeks shake your training up and do something different, get rid of the machine weights, barbells and move, throw, flip and drag something heavy for your training, use tyres, kettle bells, sandbags, sleds, prowlers and medicine balls," suggests Kevin Toonen, strength and conditioning coach for the Special Forces.

Workout Ideas

To remain healthy it is important to include fitness that encompasses five key fitness elements. They are strength training, aerobic exercise, stretching, core exercises, and balance training.

For instance, those that have been walking for fitness, can intersperse the routine with a short sprint or climb a flight of stairs. This helps bring variety to a routine walk, reveals Healthline.

Alternating between cardio workouts of swimming , cycling or running helps eliminate  boredom as well as revs up the system.

Further, if the workout routine is not changed, then the fitness levels tend to plateau. Including variety in the workouts slowly builds endurance and strength, and  helps gain the maximum health benefts of exercise.


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