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'Star Wars Rebels' Season 3 Episode 15 Air Date & Spoilers: Darksaber Origin Story Revealed By Mandalorian Fenn Rau [VIDEO]

Update Date: Jan 16, 2017 11:40 PM EST

The origins of the Darksaber has been a huge mystery in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3, but it looks like the weapon's grim history will finally be revealed in "Trials of the Darksaber". In "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 Episode 15, the Mandalorian Fenn Rau reminisces the past to explain how the strange weapon came to be and what it represents for his people.

There are only a few weapons in the "Star Wars" universe that could be cooler than the Darksaber since it was introduced in "The Clone Wars". However, its origin is largely unknown and shrouded in mystery. Luckily, the truth about the Darksaber will finally be revealed in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 Episode 15. But will the Ghost crew end up in more trouble after meeting with Fenn Rau in "Trials of the Darksaber"?

A video clip for "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 Episode 15 features a scene where Kanan muses on the idea that Mandalorians made lightsabers. Fenn Rau corrects him, saying that the Darksaber is "one of a kind" and it was created by Ta Vizsla, who is the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. Rau continues by explaining how the weapon united his people, but can Sabine Wrenn handle the pressure of wielding it in "Trials of the Darksaber"?

The synopsis for "Trials of the Darksaber" reveals that Sabine Wrenn finally agrees to use the ancient weapon in order to convince the Mandalorians to join the rebels. Unfortunately, it might not be as easy as it looks and fans can expect to see Sabine struggling to wield the Darksaber in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 Episode 15.

Will Sabine Wrenn manage to use the Darksaber to recruit the Mandalorians in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 Episode 15? Could Grand Admiral Thrawn finally locate the rebel base? "Trials of the Darksaber" will air on Disney XD on January 21.

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