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Access to Birth Control May Get Harder Under Trump Presidency

Update Date: Jan 16, 2017 06:45 PM EST

Many women have voiced out their concern of the accessibility of birth controls under Donald Trump’s presidency in social media. Based on their posts, women were reminding everyone that birth control might cost much more than it is today when Donald Trump takes office on January 20. Women are now looking for alternatives that will hopefully last through the presidency of Donald Trump.

According to reports, Trump is planning to stop the implementation of Obamacare which requires health insurance companies to include coverage of all birth control methods as long as it is approved by the FDA. This includes IUDs which is a plastic device placed inside the uterus, to prevent unexpected pregnancies. Depending on the type of IUD, each can last from three up to ten years.

It is assumed that the repealing of Obamacare is on the priority list of the president-elect so women who are considering to enroll to any birth control method is encouraged to do so at least until January 31 which is the last date that enrollment is allowed.

In a report by CNN, OB/GYN Doctor Anne Davis has shared how much of her patients are worried about their birth control access under the new president. She said many women are actually emotional and afraid when birth control will no longer be covered by their insurance. And although Trump has not revealed what he plans to replace the Obamacare, women are still concerned about the changes and how it can affect them.

Davis shared that the consultation with her patients has recently changed. "Last week, it was all about, 'Let's talk about what's best for you,' and it was all about the patient. This week, politics is in the chair next to me." And it looks like Davis is not the only one noticing the changes because she shares her medical secretaries have been responding to the same question and concern from patients calling through the phone.

So far, Trump has not revealed any details when he plans to repeal the implementation of Obamacare and what program will he choose to replace it.

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