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4 Dirtiest Things in Your Kitchen And How to Properly Clean Them

Update Date: Jan 17, 2017 02:41 AM EST

The kitchen is the place where all the food for the household is prepared. For that reason, it is important to always keep the place very clean. However, research shows that the kitchen can be the breeding ground of germs and it starts in these five kitchen items.

The Sponge

After cooking and eating, everyone turns to their handy kitchen sponge to clean up everything. This leaves the sponge wet most of the time which is considered to be heaven for germs. To prevent a sponge from growing germs in it, make sure to microwave the sponge while wet for about 2 minutes every day.

The Sink

Next to the sponge is the kitchen sink where all the leftover food and dirty dishes goes to. And when all the dirty things pile up in one area, the place becomes a likely area for germs to live in. To keep the sink clean, one must thoroughly clean it every once in a while by washing it with hot water with soap. If possible, clean the sink with a disinfectant kitchen wipes every day.

The Counters

Next in the list is the counters where all the chopping, cooking and preparing happens. It is probably the busiest part of the kitchen so it's not surprising that it's also the dirtiest part of it. If not sanitized properly and frequently, the build up of germs will be gradual and before anyone knows it, it will be a serious health threat to the household.

The Cutting Board

Last but not the least is the cutting board which where an endless number of raw meat and fish rests in it for cutting. If not properly cleaned, it certainly will be a place where germs like campylobacter bacteria and Salmonella will be found.

Cleaning it is very easy which is done by just washing it with hot soapy water after every use. It will also help if a disinfectant is used every once in a while. And just to be sure, it’s also better to use a different cut board for meat, fish, vegetables and poultry. With these options you will be sure your kitchen will be properly clean. 

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