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Beware Ladies, Most Makeup May Lead To Skin Cancer

Update Date: Jan 04, 2017 05:33 AM EST

Makeup is always on trend and continues to stay on its peak. It's essential to most ladies' daily routine as it is used to enhance appearance. Many women who want to look good turn to makeup to make their skin look fair. However, makeup may lead to serious skin conditions like allergies and even skin cancer.

Using different products which help in hiding all the blemishes, dark spots and other skin pigmentations comprise of harmful chemicals and ingredients. Mercury and parabens are also present on many beauty brands which cause skin cancer. The chemicals are used as preservatives that add quality to the products, but still harmful for use.

Skin cancer is a common destructive cell which lines up along the membrane of the superficial layer of the skin which generate skin allergies and later on serious skin cancer. Some ingredients that can be classified as chemical and phyiscal irritants can lead to allergic contact dermatitis that causes itching and swelling. Red marks will typically show up, which can become more irritated when exposed to heat and pollution. 

There may also be makeup items that have comedogenic ingredients, blocking pores that not only cause acne but wrinkles and fine lines even at a young age. 

In addition, cosmetics can be deadly as internal organ damage can occur. Ladies should always remember that pores are where the waste in our body is released as sweat. As the harmful ingredients from the product flow in the pore's bloodstream, it is usually targeting the organs.

Immoderate use of cosmetics may also affect the nervous system from the active ingredients such as lead, the neurotoxin, and carcinogen usually found on lipsticks and eye shadow. Outcomes are commonly high blood pressure and behavior irregularity.

Makeup users must be responsible and ensure that they have an existing skin care routine before trying out different types of products. 


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