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Australian Manuka Honey Benefits: Comparable to New Zealand Variety

Update Date: Jan 02, 2017 10:30 AM EST

A new study suggests that Australian manuka honey is as medically powerful as New Zealand manuka honey. According to the research by Dr. Nural Cokcetin at the University of Technology, the Aussie honey's antibacterial properties are at least as powerful as the New Zealand variety.

New Zealand manuka honey is well known as a superfood for everything. It is used as a cure for sore throat and gingivitis, according to ABC. However, a microbiologist named Dr. Nural Cokcedin says that Australian manuka honey could be more powerful than the New Zealand version because its antibacterial properties can kill superbugs like golden staph.

Nural Cokcetin's research shows that more than 16 percent of Australian manuka-style honeys she tested were actually more potent than the Kiwi product.

Currently, antibiotic-resistant superbugs are among the major concerns of the world. According to Cokcedin, bacteria did not develop resistance to manuka, meaning it could benefit topical treatment for skin infections and wounds.

"The antibacterial activity was tested seven years ago when we first collected [the honey samples] and we retested them just recently this year and we found that that activity has not changed, which was actually very surprising," Cokcedin says.

After the discovery of Australian manuka honey benefits, it may open a new opportunity for Australia. However, the findings come out at the same time as New Zealand campaign to retain the international rights for the term "manuka."

What makes Manuka honey differ from other variety is, it is made by bees, but they get it from a tree called manuka. The tree is called red tea tree and kahikatoa.

Despite the data revelation, it seems New Zealand is not worried, Stuff reports. John Rawcliffe from New Zealand's UMF Honey Association said, that the global demand for manuka honey is so great as it surpasses outstrip's current supply.

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