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Germs, Dirt and Hookworms: How they benefit our Immune System?

Update Date: Dec 28, 2016 03:27 PM EST

Exposure to germs is taught to harm our health, but researchers explain that exposure to bacteria early in our lives is an essential step in developing a healthy immune system. Humans evolving in this environment were exposed to animals, dirt, and a variety of pathogens and parasites.

Bacteria are actually essential to our health. Maybe in the future, germs will play a greater role in our economy and the financial benefits of bacteria and fungi will be maximized to help our commodity supplies and help keep the environment clean.

Geophagy is known as the habit of eating clay, mud, and dirt. Ancient Greeks to Native Americans have been practicing geophagy for centuries especially women who are pregnant or of childbearing age. Even though the practice is rarely recommended by health professionals, some nutritionist now admits that eating clay may have some real health benefits.

It prevents parasites and pathogens. It has a natural mineral boost. Eating dirt could perhaps improve immunity. Kids raised in rural areas, like farms, typically suffer from fewer allergies and autoimmune diseases. Another health benefit of dirt is stomach health. Dirt may also contain probiotic priorities that have a good form of bacteria that helps keep our gut healthy. And dirt may also have a natural antacid and antiemetic.

Hookworm is an intestinal parasite of humans. The consistently leading causes of morbidity in underdeveloped nations of the world suffering from poor sanitation. But according to research hookworms are also great for treating allergies, bowel disorder and asthma. The researchers found that people with more fertile parasites had the lower risk of getting allergy-related antibodies in their blood which we think the worms have found a way of switching off the immune system in order to survive. In general, by improving our understanding of hookworms researchers continue shedding light on their therapeutic potential.


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