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New Year’s Resolution 2017: Have Less Spontaneous Sex Once A Week To Have Happier Long-Term Relationships, Studies Find

Update Date: Dec 28, 2016 03:15 PM EST

A study conducted by Amy Muise and colleagues at the University of Toronto Mississauga reveals the value of quality over quantity when it comes to sex in long-term relationships. The Canadian researchers explored the link between frequency of sex couples had and their life satisfaction.

This study presents evidence on the association between sexual frequency and greater happiness. It investigated how much sex couples should be having and found out that sex is not an everyday activity needed to feel connected to the partner. Muise et al. propose having sex once a week.

The sex frequency research done by Muise's group is supported by another from Carnegie Mellon University that examined why more sex makes couples more miserable. According to the second study, increased sex frequency is associated with a decrease in sexual desire and enjoyment. It focused on the couple's happiness levels and their sexual satisfaction during the research period.

According to sex researcher Kristen Mark, couples need to communicate well with each other better to prevent their relationships be vulnerable to sex ruts such as anger, emotional detachment, infidelity, and divorce. For Mark, couples should give importance to sex due to the difficulty of being spontaneous in established relationships.

For Australian sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein, kissing a lot and touching a lot is a first step to reinvigorating the sex life of couples. She advises couples not to compare their sex life to others. She does not recommend watching too much porn, which could result in decreased sensation when having sex. She urges them to experiment and to try something new.

CNN's Ian Kerner tells couples to have a willingness window to regenerate the desire that is an important aspect of sex. He proposes the idea of planned sex, which he believes can lead to more fun. However, he does not support Goldstein's suggestion to ditch porn and instead encourages couples to share a fantasy or watch some ethical porn.

The video below features sexologist Dr. Amy Muise discussing how to maintain sexual desire in the context of long-term romantic relationships. Share your thoughts about the article in the comment section.

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