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Fasting Found To Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

Update Date: Jan 09, 2017 09:51 AM EST

A pilot study conducted by Dr. Ellen Mowry and her constituents at John Hopkins aimed to determine whether a patient's diet could prevent multiple sclerosis or diminish its effects. Instead of following calorie-counted meals, the team instigated a fasting program for six months to patients during an 8-hour period each day.

The study was conducted to determine whether fasting would be able to impact microbiomes significantly. Certain studies have confirmed that predominant bacteria in the guts of patients with multiple sclerosis were different from those who were not infected with the disease. Since gut bacteria was already found to react to diet and food intake, the process was undertaken by the team, reported NPR.

One patient confirmed that the process affected her significantly to the extent that she experienced abdominal spasms, food yearnings, and burning sensations when she was not allowed to eat. in fact, she claimed that the symptoms did not change during the first month of fasting and experienced occasional muscle spasms.

However, the study was deemed to be a failure as the patient could not hold her diet. In fact, she ate during hours when it was forbidden and felt famished most of the time. Furthermore, the findings of the study showed that she was still fatigued during the program. 

Times of India reported that fasting could improve one's quality of life and likewise help in weight loss. Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Centre claimed that there were significant long-term effects of fasting that inspired better mood, tranquil sleep, and improved physical activity. 

Since patients with multiple sclerosis had trouble with their motor skills, the second study found that fasting could improve motor skills and their joints hurt less while on the program. The results of the six months study are still currently being formulated to determine as to whether fasting could serve as a better remedy for those suffering the disease.

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