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Selfie Culture: Is It Good or Bad?

Update Date: Dec 19, 2016 08:25 PM EST

Narcissism is usually frowned upon but is the selfie culture, along with societal pressure doing us any good? Or is this phenomenon just bad news? Scientists seem to have contradicting answers to this question. 

There is worsening pressure to project a perfect image and social media is the culprit. Social media has a bad reputation of encouraging obsession and this selfie culture that society finds itself in. 

However, some studies show that the selfie culture can actually boost one's self-esteem. These photos can give someone the power to choose how they want to project themselves on a platform. Likes and comments provide instant empowerment and validation.

"The cult of the selfie celebrates regular people," says Pamela Rutledge, Ph.D., faculty director of the media psychology program.

A recent experiment reveals that 41 subjects who took selfies simultaneously actually felt better about themselves. Whether or not their projected emotion is genuine the subjects revealed an an increase in self esteem.

Respondents also reveal that their favorite time to take selfies is when they feel good about themselves. A researcher from the University of California also found out that those who took their selfies and shared them with family and friends are blissfully contented. 

The selfie culture has also been supported by mobile phone technology, as the front camera is a critical feature that people consider before purchasing a phone. Manufacturers offer something new to upcoming models, like improved camera resolution, ring light, front flash or a rotating camera. The possibilities are endless and phone makers are meeting the demand. 

At the end of the day, the selfie culture can be seen as an expression of self-love whether we agree or not. However, self-validation is not limited to physical appearance and social media. Rely not on likes and comments and validation, but rather on self-appreciation even without the selfie photo. 

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