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Mumps Outbreak: 4 Probable Cases In Pierce County

Update Date: Dec 13, 2016 09:42 AM EST

TACOMA WASH. - Mumps outbreak had been investigated by Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. They are checking on the four probable cases. All are in relation to the said mumps outbreak in south King County.

Nigel Turner said that the public should be informed about the outbreaks, especially those people that travel abroad. The communicable disease division director at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department said that they already coordinated with related agencies. He instructed them to protect all the people from the affected area with their health, Outbreak News Today reported.

Where does the Mumps outbreak from?

UBURN Wash.- The Mumps outbreak is starting to grow in King County. On December 01, the Auburn school district again added one school to the list of affected places, bringing it to 5 schools in total.

The Health Department of King County says that nine confirmed and probable cases of the mumps in Auburn. Among the nine patient 5 came from one family. They vaccinated all the patients already.

How to prevent Mumps outbreak?

First and foremost, in knowing how to prevent Mumps outbreak, we have to know its symptoms. You will know if someone has Mumps as her cheek is puffy and her jaw is swollen because of the swollen salivary glands. Furthermore, it also associated with:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle Aches
  • Restless or feeling tired always
  • Loss of appetite

Then, in knowing the symptoms, we can now know the prevention. There is no other effective ways to prevent Mumps but immunization. We have to avoid getting in touch with people infected by the disease. Always wash hands with soap and water. Most of all, do not share eating utensils and cups with others.

Campaign in preventing Mumps outbreak

Things are especially relevant to the prevention of the Mumps outbreak. Doctors are saying that it can easily fight off but could lead to more serious complications. Meningitis, inflammation of the brain, testes, ovaries are some of the complications Mumps can bring, Q13fox reported.

The Auburn school districts send letters urging parents to pay attention to their kids and love ones about the symptoms of Mumps to prevent it as early as they can.

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