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'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Release Date: Christmas Event to be Confirmed, Report Says [VIDEO]

Update Date: Dec 13, 2016 06:54 AM EST

Imagine hatching baby pokemons that are overly adorable and 'kawaii' and a special limited edition Pikachu wearing a Christmas hat this day through Dec. 29, what a perfect day it would be, wouldn't it? Niantic has revealed the details of the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update where, starting today, there will be baby Pikachu called Pichu and Togepi, a Togetic offspring.

Other pokemons such as Cleffa, Igglybuff, Smoochum, Elekid and Magby are also out now. Although there are a few more but will still be confirmed. These pokemons are only strictly hatched from the unique eggs and not found in the wild for now, Heavy reported. These babies are originally discovered in the Johto Region in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games.

On the other hand, Niantic urges "Pokemon Go" trainers to share the limited version Pikachu that will spawn a festive Christmas hat to commemorate this season caught using #HolidayPikachu.When evolved, Raichu will be as festive as well.

Like during the Halloween, trainers expect a Christmas event to happen. According to Daily Star, dataminers have seemingly leaked details about the it ahead of the Gen 2 release and upcoming annoucement from Niantic. It will be as holiday-related as the former when most Ghost pokemons were released in the wild. This season, it is more likely that gamers will find Staryu, Starme, Clefairy, Clefable, Seel, Dewgong and Snorlax in "Pokemon Go." Rumor has it that the program will happen during the release of merry costumes and items.

Furthermore, the number of " Pokemon Go" steps trainers have to travel to hatch eggs and gain buddy bonuses will reportedly be reduced.

Beginning at this very hour, expect to see people walking, eyes looking at their phones and giving no care about everybody in the street. People will have to understand that catching pokemons and hatching eggs are both serious businesses.

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