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'She's The One' Singer Robbie Williams Claims Brintellix Silenced His Demons

Update Date: Nov 29, 2016 06:01 AM EST

Robbie Williams has been candidly spoken about his mental health. He explained how antidepressants were able to help him this year. The singer was on the cover of this week's Radio Times and told the magazine that he's had a weird year. When he was asked about his documented battles with addiction, he responded that they have been all right but somehow happens to coincide with finding a different medication which is called Brintellix.

The hit singer stated that he had a really weird summer and he cannot connect with anybody apart from his wife Ayda Field. He then added that he did not know how to talk to anybody at that time, even with people who are with him every day. Robbie Williams felt that he was isolated in his head.

For Williams, it was troublesome and sad. Then he tried to take anti-depressants and things have changed, according to the singer the demons were quiet. Robbie Williams has been active on opening up about mental health and addiction a number of times in the past. The singers' wife Ayda Field has also discussed his issues publicly.

Ayda Field told Huffington Post that there was a moment in Robie Williams' life where he thought his life would end. He thought he could not exist any further but there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. With the help of those who were close to him he was able to come out of the darkness.

Daily Mail reported that Robie Williams' wife Ayda also said that even as dark things can seem to be there is always a way out. If you can start the dialogue and if you can shift in your mind that you have a support system. Whether it is friends or therapists or also someone that you can call Samaritans. There is always a way to muddle through it and come out the other side.

The singer is now currently promoting his latest album entitled the heavy entertainment show. The said album went to numbers when it was released earlier this month.

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