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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: How To Catch A Shiny Pokemon

Update Date: Nov 26, 2016 09:01 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been released and players are all gathering up to collect new Pokemon. It is evident that people are spending a lot of time to collect the shiny versions of the starter Pokemons: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

Since the Pokemon is "shiny", catching it is no small feat. It is also incredibly rare, as the odds of crossing paths with a shiny version of the starters is one out of 4,096. The odds also mean that players are running around amidst the blades of grass to collect these Pokemon.

As hard as the catching is, there are certain tricks that can be employed to improve chances of crossing one's path.

In order to catch a shiny Pokemon, a player needs the following:

  • Revive

  • Potions, Super Potions and other Healing Items

  • PP-replenishers: Elixirs, Berries and Ethers.

  • Adrenalin Orbs

After the above step, one needs to zero in on a shiny Pokemon. Decide upon what they want to capture. After deciding on a shiny Pokemon, players need to go out and search for their favorite shiny pocket monster.

After encountering one, shiny Pokemons can be caught if the player uses an Adrenalin Orb (which can be found in Heahea City, Konikoni City, Malie City, Paniola Town, Pokemon League, Royal Avenue. Tapu and Seafolk Village) on the regular starter Pokemon, weakening it. It is important to remember that defeating them completely would yield no result.

Players should let the Pokemon call on its ally, and defeat them one by one as long as the last Pokemon doesn't call upon a shiny Pokemon as an ally. The chances of this happening increases as the player constantly defeats the regular Pokemon and it calls upon its allies.

Also, using False Swipe on an enemy Pokemon prevents it from fainting, and this helps in case the player has accidentally defeated a Pokemon. After the shiny Pokemon appears, players only need to defeat it and capture it to make it theirs.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available on Amazon.

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