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Celeb Mom Chrissy Teigen Shares Tips About Losing Baby Weight Fast

Update Date: Nov 22, 2016 09:20 AM EST

Being a celebrity is tough, but being a celebrity and a mother is even tougher, especially if you are planning to lose the baby weight immediately after giving birth. In a recent interview, celebrity mom Chrissy Teigen has shared some of the celeb secrets of losing baby weight fast.

Speaking on The Today show, John Legend's wife spoke about how her life has changed over the past year after she and her husband welcomed their little angel named Luna Simone. She wanted non-celeb moms to know that celeb moms had a hard time losing the baby weight, too, but they get help to lose them fast.

She mentioned that to the public eye, it might seem that everything is happening so fast, but that is because there are many professional helping hands out there. Celebrities usually have access to nutritionists, dieticians, trainers, nannies and own schedule. Since there's a lot of help involved, normal moms shouldn't think that losing weight fast is realistic, she mentioned.

For the people who had mommy-shamed her on social media for all the small things like the baby car seat, or holding her daughter too close to the stove, Teigen says that they do not know the impacts of motherhood on women. Fortunately, she hasn't allowed the haters' comments to get to her. Sometimes, according to Teigen, there's postpartum depression or coping up with work and family after pregnancy, which affects the mood and the response.

However, despite all the experiences, Teigen would not part with the beautiful Luna for anything in the world. She says that she knows that she is not her daughter's favorite person, as the honor belongs to her husband John Legend, according to Instyle Magazine.

"Whatever this father-daughter relationship is, it starts so quickly, because I thought they grew into being daddy's girls," she said. "No, it was the second she came out," Teigen ended.

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