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Hacks On Sleeping: Bedtime Routines, Tech Tools; Sleep Better Through Partner’s Snoring [VIDEO]

Update Date: Nov 11, 2016 09:50 AM EST

It is common knowledge that spouses with partners with sleep apnea often get their sleep disrupted almost every night. Sleeping through a partner's loud snoring is possible with the use of proper bedtime routines and even technology tools to achieve that deep and restful slumber.

Sleep is crucial in allowing our bodies to rest and heal from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here are a few helpful hacks on achieving better sleep that uses conventional methods and technology tools.

Having a regular sleep schedule is important because listening to bodily cues is perhaps the most effective approach to achieving overall health. Sticking to a sleeping routine allows your body to respond to its cues that oftentimes, snoring or other city noises will no longer be a problem. You can achieve this by avoiding caffeine, heavy meals just before sleeping and bright lights that can stimulate the brain. Regular exercise also helps.

If disruptions persist, then use white noise background that can be offered by a fan or an air conditioner. The key here is in the consistency of the noise. A person often wakes up when there is an inconsistency in the noise according to Medical Daily. You can also use bedtime music to mask or block noise especially for those with partners that are snorers. A tech tool like a smartphone can help you particularly with the app, Pzizz, which offers customizable soundtrack that include all kinds of music even including soothing noises like the lapping of the ocean waves.

In truth, there are various tech tools that can enhance sleep. There are wearable devices like Fitbit, Jawbone and Microsoft's band that tracks sleeping patterns including body temperature, humidity, heart rate and a lot more. These data allow the person to learn about what is needed to make sleeping even better.

The Quit Snoring app, which records snores into the PC or Mac, has been effective in encouraging snorers to seek medical help; thereby, reducing the number of complaints from their partners. Dr. Nathaniel Watson, president of the American Academy of sleep Medicine in an interview with ABC News states that the greatest benefit of tech tools to sleeping is to make people aware of how important sleep is to our bodies. Sleep plays a crucial role not just for rest but to ensure optimal performance of our bodies.

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