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Zika Virus Updates: Mice Infertility Test, Brazil No Zika Wave In Summer, Endemic; Which Countries To Avoid? [VIDEO]

Update Date: Nov 09, 2016 10:00 AM EST

For the last few days, Zika virus updates have seen valuable research on the effects of Zika on mice and the extent of the damage it wrought on developing fetal brain. Medical researchers are also suggesting that Zika may become endemic in some regions particularly in the Americas.

However, Brazilian health officials discount another Zika wave in the coming months. Nonetheless, travelers especially pregnant women, who are most at risk, must take due precaution when travelling to places with the Zika virus.

To recap on Zika virus updates, what are the major findings of the extensive studies and analyses on Zika conducted by medical researchers all over the world?

The more common effects of the Zika virus is Microcephaly, a neurological condition where fetal brain did not develop properly resulting in smaller heads. Pregnant women who contracted Zika may have babies with this condition.

However, Colombia, which is also heavily hit by the Zika virus, only reported few cases of Microcephaly. A comprehensive study conducted on Brazilian babies delved into the damages wrought by the Zika virus on developing fetal brain.

It appears that the virus not only hinder growth, but also destroys parts of the brain after they form. This study suggests that infants born with Zika without physical evidence of Microcephaly may still suffer from a host of development and behavioral problems as they grow.

The breakthrough research on the effects of Zika on mice provide valuable information on how Zika harms a man's reproductive system. Zika targets the Sertoli cells, responsible for sperm development.

The research suggests that Zika may cause permanent infertility in men as reported in Stat News. Telltale traces of the Zika virus have been found in a man's sexual organ after six months of being cleared.

Moreover, the mouse infertility research also establishes the relationship of Zika with a mammalian host, boding ill omen for men that have been infected with Zika. Though further investigation is needed to ascertain this claim, there are medical evidences that cannot be discounted.

Without a known cure or vaccine, health officials can only provide travel safety notice to people who cannot avoid travelling especially pregnant women. The official website of CDC lists tips and information for those who will be travelling to places with known Zika infections like in Central America, Southeast Asia, and in Florida in the United States. As an added precaution, it is always wise to get more Zika virus updates and be informed.

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