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PlayStation 4 Pro Delayed, Gamers Excited For PS Plus November Lineup

Update Date: Nov 01, 2016 07:02 AM EDT

Sony is all about support to the gamer community. Recently they have announced a new console, the PS4 Pro, which is an updated and more powerful PS4. They also have gamers to the edge of their seats with the new PS Plus November lineup.

An Updated Ps4

PS4 has been massively successful throughout the world, with critics calling it a victory over Microsoft's Xbox One. PS4 currently has more developer support worldwide, and now Sony aims to sweeten the deal with the release of PS4 Pro. So what are the changes that have taken place with the new console?

PS4 Pro is a PS4 with a turbo. There is a 4K possible technology called "checkerboarding" behind the Pro, and it will successfully help the new console run 4K games with ease. Sony's chief PlayStation architect notes that the PS4 Pro would not represent a new era of consoles, rather it would help developers provide a more immersive experience to gamers.

The PS4 Pro has impressive specs to keep up with the current demanding games. It has a custom chip single processor with the x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU, 8GB of random access memory, 1 terabyte of storage and slick AMD Radeon graphics.

Priced at a modest $400, the console would not have an Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

According to the latest news, PS4 Pro, which was scheduled to release on November 10th, would be getting a delay. Analyst Michael Goodman noted that releasing the PS4 Slim, PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro in such a short window would create consumer confusion in the market and would hamper sales.

Although a disappointing news for gamers who were looking forward to owning the console, Sony has promised they wouldn't be holding back the PS4 Pro community support once the console is released.

PS Plus November Lineup

Sony has gamers excited as they announce the PS Plus November lineup. PS Plus subscribers would now have access to more free games, like The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Everybody Gone to the Rapture. Dirt 3 and Costume Quest 2 are available on the PS3.

Even PS Vita+ is set to receive access to Pumped BMX+ and Letter Quest Remastered for free. These games for the Vita+ can be enjoyed by PS4 users thanks to Crossplay.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are set to get more free games from the November line-up. PS4 owners can download The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Everybody Gone to the Rapture while Dirt 3 and Costume Quest 2are available on PS3. PS Vita gets Pumped BMX+ and Letter Quest Remastered for free, as well. The last two games can also be enjoyed by PS4 users thanks to Crossplay. The games would be available for download on Tuesday, November 1.

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