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New Location Hack In Pokemon GO++ Released For Android And iOS [How To Install]

Update Date: Nov 01, 2016 07:00 AM EDT
If you are a Pokemon Go enthusiast and tired of traveling to snare a Pokemon, then you have good news. The Pokemon GO's ultimate hack is here and might stay here without getting banned. This new cheat can make Pokemon GO effortless. 

Ever since Pokemon GO, gamers are frequently running around and catching these virtual creatures all over the globe, at some point they did get tired and wished for a cheat. Various cheats have been released by app developers in the past few months, but they have all been shut down by Niantic. 

 A recent performance update and bug fix by Niantic led to the release of a hack. If you dig deep enough you might find it available to download from the web. After the updating, it is quite easy and user-friendly. 

How to install (Procced with Caution you are liable to get banned for life in Pokemon GO) Make sure you have the latest version of Pokemon GO from Google Play Store. Also install the fly GPS app from play store

For Android (v0.43.4) 

1) After installing the both the apps go to Settings > About Device > Find Build number > Tap seven times. By this time you should have unlocked the developer mode.

2) Go to Settings > Developer Options > Mock Location app. Now select the fly GPS in options.

3)  Select settings then go to Privacy and Safety. Select Location and then select Location Method. Here you have to make sure to Location History features and High End Accuracy are enabled.

4) Open Fly GPS app > Select Your Location.5) Select GPS service run > Joystick Location Mode.

Voila! Hack installed.

For iOS (v1.13.4)

Download the IPA file (https://mega.nz/#!zw0CkYZQ!LNZ8eBsIf_wCtBhEZy9MDDkXNfd8FKiIeWrpIQQVAvI)

1) Delete the older version of Pokemon GO

2) Download Cydia Impactor (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/) according to your OS, it is free. Install

3) Connect Device

4) Launch Cydia Impactor. Drag and drop the IPA file in the Cydia impactor. 

5) Enter Email ID and password of an active Apple account.

6) Ignore the warning and click OK.

7) Open Settings and click General. Select Profiles and Device Management. 

8) Use the same Apple ID for confirmation. Tap trust again.

9) Confirm the Location service feature is active in privacy settings. Now go ahead and Play! 

A joystick is visible and you can walk to the nearest Pokemon location using the joystick (on screen) by tapping walk. Here comes the best part, a list of Pokemon will be visible and if you tap on one, your trainer will directly walk towards it for catching. It gets better, if you tap on an ivy button, you will be able to see all the Pokemon in your region arranged accordingly. The interface allows you to find the strongest Pokemon in your locality.

We can call this a modified version of the app. It is the easiest way to play without the physical effort. 

But to think, the very nature of the game is the adventure it provides us. Without it, the game becomes dull. Every single game you use cheat codes and hacks will end the effort as well as the thrill of the game, you are likely to stop playing it within days. Thus destroying the joy and enthusiasm one has for a game. With Pokemon GO Plus here, the only question is ''whether this is the end of Pokemon GO"?

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