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Microsoft To Unveil Surface Pro 5: What Do We Know So Far

Update Date: Oct 27, 2016 08:47 AM EDT

The Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft's new tablet PC flagship. Amidst the numerous heavy duty laptops available in the market today, the Surface Pro stands high. The latest model of Surface Pro is due early next year, and the Surface Pro 4 has already found success in the numerous markets it was available in.

But do we really know enough about the Surface Pro 5 to be calling it a technological marvel? Let's find out.


"Kaby Lake" are the newest processors from the Intel family, and they are mighty powerful. The Surface Pro 5 is rumoured to be powered by the Kaby Lake processors, which have been on the headlines as of late.

Intel has promised a speed bump of more than 12% than its earlier Skylake processors. The figure doesn't look promising at first, but Intel has said that the improvements with Kaby Lake processor family will be clearly visible in real world applications.

What's more, is that these processors have been optimized for fast encoding and decoding of 4K videos while consuming only a fistful of power of 3.2 watts. Hopefully, Surface Pro 5 would come with these processors when it comes to the markets in early to mid next year.

OS Updates

The Surface Pro is rumored to be shipped with the Windows X version 2.0, which is being called the RedStone 2. The Surface Pro 5 would be the best platform to showcase the different abilities of the new operating system.

As per rumours, RedStone 2 would allow users to sync an application's state between two computers. What this means is that users would be able to switch between their tablets to the PC workstation without going through a lot of copy pasting.

Hardware Updates

Every new version of the Surface Pro has come with bumped up hardware, and this time the Surface Pro 5 isn't breaking tradition. Since the Kaby Lake processors can make 4K video encoding and decoding seamless, it has been rumored that the Surface Pro 5 will be getting a 4K display to match the processors.

Moreover, the USB Type-A ports are rumored to be replaced with a USB Type-C port, and the Surface Pro 5 would be getting a bumped up RAM capacity of 16GB.

A Surface Pen is also rumored, and this time, the pen can be recharged from the tablet itself, and doesn't need separate charging.

The Surface Pro 5 isn't going to turn up in the markets before Spring of 2017, and until then fans of the tablet PC would have to satisfy themselves with the Surface Pro 4.

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