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Live Music Can Lower Your Stress Hormones

Update Date: Oct 25, 2016 09:18 AM EDT

Things that we receive from our forefathers as heritage are unbelievable. Science takes little more time to believe such things. A study proves that attending a public cultural event can reduce the stress hormones. Apart from stress hormone- cortisol, few other internal changes were also witnessed inside the human body.

Every society on earth has its unique music heritage. Musical pass times are emotionally very beneficial. Almost every one of us is fond of music.

With the passage of time, the study of music is not restricted to an analytical investigation. In fact, research is growing on the psychological effects of listening to music.

Now a study of music has been developed into a discipline named neuroscience. Hence this science is totally engaged in finding the effects of listening to music on humans.

The study on music proves that there are positive chemical effects. Mostly music affects cytokines, hormones, lymphocytes, and neurotransmitters through the senses.

A couple of years back a study was conducted on recorded music in laboratory conditions which concluded that music does effect our biological systems. Steroid hormone levels are affected the most while listening to live music.

Cortisol is associated with stress hormone.  When the body is under pressure this stress hormone raises the sugar levels in the blood-enhancing the brain's ability to use glucose. Ultimately the digestive system and immune system is suppressed.

Initially, these hormones are inactive but their raised levels inside the body can prove dangerous. This can lead to negative health implications of stress.

While experimenting on people of different age groups who attend live music concerts may be once in a month or six monthly. The results proved that there was a drop in glucocorticoids, with a significant reduction in cortisol and cortisone. There were no changes in testosterone levels.

So listening to music is good for health and if you can visit a live music concert it will be rewarding for your body internally.

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