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'Train To Busan' 2 Spoilers: Seok Woo Gone for Good, Lee Min Ho Is Replacement?

Update Date: Oct 14, 2016 09:36 AM EDT

Train To Busan 2 spoilers may be widely based on fans' demands. This come as no surprise since the massive success of Train To Busan was mainly due to the millions of viewers who saw the film. Thus, a sequel was immediately approved and is now in the works. Seok Woo played by Korean star Gong Yoo is gone for good, so now fans are looking for the best replacement for the film's lead role.

In the storyline, Seok Woo played the role of a hedge fund manager who was bitten by Yon-suk. He threw himself off the plane before he was able to transform in order to protect his wife and daughter Su-an. According to HNGN, this comes as no shock when fans started rooting for Lee Min Ho as the lead star for the sequel. He's also rumored to be joined by the fellow actor from the Descendants of the Sun Song Jong Ki.

Speculations going around say Song Jong Ki might play the role of a zombie or a military officer just like he did in his role in Descendants of the Sun. This is yet to be confirmed but not really far fetched since the Train to Busan and Descendants of the Sun producer is one and the same.Thus, Song Jong Ki may just snag this chance of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong Seok's character Sang Hwa wasn't really shown to have been eaten by zombies. So it's but natural for fans to assume he's still alive and kicking. At the same time, there are claims that Sang Hwa might, in fact, have transformed into one. So the sequel may just continue with the story of wife Yu-mi and their child. They might also show Sang Hwa meeting his family in his transformed state. Then again, these are all just speculations. This despite itechpost reported that actor Gong Yoo confirmed the sequel. Fans will just have to wait and see how everything pans out.

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