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‘MacBook Pro’ 2016 Video: Best Kept Secret Peripheral Device of Apple?

Update Date: Oct 14, 2016 09:33 AM EDT

MacBook Pro 2016 rumors are getting juicier by the day. Recent reports claim that the MacBook Pro will be completely redesigned. It will now have a secondary touchscreen display above your standard keyboards whose function keys have the ability to 'morph'. Furthermore, it says that the screen is capable of showing various keys depending on the app you are using. This is an amazing piece of info for MacBook Pro owners looking forward to better functionality.

But Wait, There's More!

According to BGR, a Reddit user named Foxconn insider posted some very intriguing claims on the site early Wednesday. He said he works for Tsinghua University. He gave Reddit moderators evidence and now they vouch for him, confirming his identity. Anyway, he confirmed some speculations that tech savvy folks already know; about the 'new MacBook keyboard module' that's supposedly going to appear on the next-generation MacBook Pro.

But more than the new OLED panel that's going to hit the next MacBook Pro, the Redditor said that he also saw a second Apple device that no one even knew was in development. He said that this was an early prototype of a next-generation Magic Keyboard. Right now the Magic Keyboard of Apple is just a simple wireless keyboard that users are quite familiar with. But the Foxconn insider claims that this particular model has some exciting new features and technology that will change how users utilize their Macs.

The new Magic Keyboard accessory is said to feature an individual E Ink display on each key. By having this, the graphics on each key or groups of keys are able to change depending on your needs or the apps you're currently using.

The Redditor claimed  the keyboard is currently called Sonder and Apple is currently working on the startup. Watch this video from so you'll have an idea what to expect. This new magic keyboard is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

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