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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 62 Spoilers: Goku Learns New Technique, Plots and Air Dates Revealed

Update Date: Oct 09, 2016 07:20 AM EDT

Dragon Ball Super episode 62 spoilers are here, and fans are more excited than ever! It doesn't matter if the show gives out air dates or teasers, it's not enough to quench the never-ending curiosity of their loyal viewers.  

Black is still taking his time revealing his real identity and the thrill and suspense of the plot can be too much to handle at times. Episode 62 entitled "'Trunks' Super Power!" premieres on Oct. 16 and teases on an upgraded version of Trunks about to unleash his incredible forces.

According to episode 62 will show Trunks in his highest fury as he protects his own era. Vegeta, Goku, and Future Trunks have an intense battle going against Zamasu and Black Goku. Future Trunks then tell Goku and the others to go back to the past. He will then have to go on and beat Black Goku all by himself.

The Evil Containment Wave

Goku will also be seen in this episode going to the Turtle Hermit to learn Mafuba. This is also known as Evil Containment Wave. This technique is used in order to lock away demons through sucking in a container with a special seal. This seal is called Ofuda, based on Wikia.

Mafuba is also known as having other names such as Demon Incarcerator, Demon Sealing Wave, Ma Fu Ba, Mafuba Wave, Mateo Telekinesis and Magic Seal Attack. Anyway, Goku goes back to the past and ask the Turtle Hermit to teach him the technique so that he could go on sealing the demon. But as expected, things won't be that easy for our hero as he faces a major setback.

On the other hand, iTechpost announces that episode 63 will be entitled "Vegeta's Fierce Battle". This in itself is a clue that Vegeta will either tear down Zamasu or Black Goku. Tune in to witness more of this showdown on October 23.

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