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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Update: Pokemon Refresh Cures Paralyzed Pokemon; New Primate Inspired Pokemon Introduced

Update Date: Sep 24, 2016 11:44 AM EDT

The latest trailer for the "Pokemon Sun And Moon" introduced two new primate inspired Pokemon. However, since the Nintendo 3DS - RPGs are slated for arrival on the third week of November, fans are still expecting a Harambe Pokemon.

According to the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" official website, a new feature called Pokemon Refresh has also been introduced. The newly introduced feature would allow players to refresh their Pokemon by cleansing them. Moreover, players can also cure paralyzed and poisoned Pokemon with this feature.

In addition, the Pokemon Refresh feature would also strengthen Pokemon during battles. With this, players can not only pet their Pokemon, but also feed then Poke beans. With petting from the Pokemon owner, the Pokemon would feel pampered, and would be able to dodge attacks in battles or hold out for longer duration in battles.

Notably, since Pokemon Refresh comes in a different mode, players can enter this mode only when they need to heal or strengthen their Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the game has introduced two new Pokemon, namely Passimian and Oranguru. Passimian is a "Sun Pokemon" which is inspired by monkeys. It loves to stay in a team of 20 - 30 Pokemon. Passiman's special power lies receiving the power of its fainted enemy on battlefield.

Contrary to this,  Oranguru is a "Moon Pokemon", which is inspired by apes. It is a creature that loves to stay alone, like apes. During a battle, Oranguru is able to Instruct another Pokemon to repeat itself.

As for the release of the much - awaited Harambe Pokemon, there has been no official announcement regarding the same. It seems that fans will have to wait to receive an update from either Nintendo or The Pokemon Company to receive an update about possible release of much sought - after Harambe Pokemon.

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