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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Price, Release Date Rumors: What We Know So Far

Update Date: Sep 21, 2016 01:19 PM EDT

A number of consumers might have been excited already for the arrival of Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

However, despite the numerous speculations that have already come out, the American tech giant has never confirmed any of those, including the ones pertaining to its release date.

Are there really enough reasons for them to be ecstatic about the laptop's availability? What specs will it likely boast of?

According to Tech Radar, the rumored spring 2017 release date for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has appeared true as several factors have pointed to it. 

First, the highly-anticipated Windows 10 update is said to be coming not earlier than the spring of next year. With the successor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 expected to run on it, it is definitely unlikely for it to come out ahead of the said update.

Second, a major Microsoft event will be happening by then. Based on various reports, this big event will reportedly feature the launch of a new hardware. Accordingly, this upcoming line-up would include the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2, the still unconfirmed Surface phone, and the rumored Surface all-in-one desktop computer.

At last, it was already confirmed that Intel will start offering its Kaby Lake processors towards the end of 2016, which means that for the for the latest Surface Pro model to integrate it, it has to wait for its release date.

Meanwhile, the report noted that the new Surface Pro's base unit is expected to come with a price tag of $899 (£749, AU$1,349), and as its specs become higher, so its price.

This price forecast is supported by CNET when it disclosed that such rate will be for the entry level unit of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, while the one with Intel Core i7 will be priced $999, and the i7 Extreme version for $1,599. 

When it comes to its rumored specs, the tech site shared that Microsoft is keen about offering with a hybrid laptop with a rechargeable stylus pen.

In its filing of an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft reportedly stated that "a stylus may provide active functionality that is powered by a rechargeable battery," Patently Mobile reported.

"A charging circuit within the stylus may provide charging current for recharging the battery via one or more terminals configured to contact charging contacts of an associated stylus charge," the company added about the supposed stylus pen of Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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