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Men With Low Sex Drive, Testosterone: Here’s What You Can Do

Update Date: Sep 20, 2016 01:50 PM EDT

With some men experiencing low sex drive and testosterone, an experiment was recently made in a bid to address this concern.

This condition reportedly caused the low satisfaction rate among affected men when it comes to sex.

Considering the reported cases, the University of Siena in Italy spearheaded the conduct of the experiment wherein 38 men were randomly picked as samples.

In the controlled experiment, it was noted that the satisfaction rate among men with low sex drive increased substantially after the treatment.

What could be this reported "effective" treatment then?

According to Medical Daily, the experiment hinted that exposure to light has something to do with the improvement. 

In doing it, the samples were exposed to different levels of light for two weeks, 50 percent was exposed to light that "mimicked natural outdoor sunlight" for half an hour every morning, while the others were exposed to a much lower level.

In a statement, senior author Professor Andrea Fagiolini, director of the Department of Mental Health and of the School of Specialization in Psychiatry at Siena, revealed that "Before treatment, both groups averaged a sexual satisfaction score of around 2 out of 10, but after treatment the group exposed to the bright light was scoring sexual satisfaction scores of around 6.3 - a more than 3-fold increase on the scale we used."

It was further dished that the controlled group of men with low sex drive "only showed an average score of around 2.7 after treatment."

While the sample size is just a small scale, the report pointed out that a previous study has provided evidence of light therapy as the treatment for low libido.

In the meantime, the Good Men Project recommended that apart from treatment, the affected male population may also try other means to address their condition. 

It was suggested that men with low sex drive or lower libido may assess possible factors that could have caused it like stress.

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