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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Episode 58 To Detail Zamsau and Black’s Partnership For The Mission

Update Date: Sep 06, 2016 07:10 AM EDT

Episode 57 of "Dragon Ball Super" aired on September 4 and focused on revealing the identity of Zamasu. Episode 58, which is soon to follow will elaborate his partnership with Black and explain it properly.

In the last episode, viewers had seen Zamasu's  mission revealed, where he was planning to get the world rid of mortals. He also wanted to target Goku as he wanted to take down the gods.

However, Black  was seen stopping Zamasu and telling him that even when Saiyans are powerful, they still need each other.

Thus it seems that Zamasu and Black would team up to defeat Goku, reported iTech Post. During the battle, Goku is seen going against Black, while Zamasu goes against Trunks. Despite Trunks' efforts, he is not able to defeat Zamasu, as he is not affected by his attacks.

Reports claim that the upcoming episode 58 of "Dragon Ball Super" will be about Zamasu and Black Goku, explaining how they both came about to having the same mission. The upcoming episode will be aired next Sunday, and it is confirmed to be entitled "The Secret of Black and Zamasu."

Although there have been speculations about Goku getting another transformation, yet it is not confirmed as of now. Presently, Goku is in Super Saiyan Blue, and might have a tough time defending both Black and Zamasu.

The last episode of "Dagon Ball Super" ended with present day versions of Gowasu and Zamasu watching Goku and others fighting in the Universe 6 vs. 7 tournament.

Meanwhile, fans of Goku will have to wait and see if the identity of Black Goku will be revealed in the upcoming episode or not. The upcoming episode might also reveal the history of Black Goku and how he came to be.  Episode 58 of "Dragon Ball Super" will premiere on Sunday, September 11.

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