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Tinnitus Permanent Hearing Damage Rising Among Children and Teens; 3 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Update Date: Jun 08, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Tinnitus, a kind of hearing impairment is affecting more teens and children today. Experts say that their exposure to loud music comes from their constant use of headphones and going to clubs and parties. Tinnitus most affects older people over the age of 50, but at this rate, the condition of persistent ringing in the ears among teens and children is becoming a public health concern.

Tinnitus is a "Growing Problem"

The study published in the journal Scientific Reports reveal that tinnitus is increasing among teens and children between 11 and 17. Nearly 30 percent of those in the study report they have been diagnosed with persistent tinnitus or constant ringing in the ears.

Lead author Larry Roberts of McMaster University in Canada sayid in a press release that tinnitus is a "growing problem." The condition of having hearing difficulties will continue to become worse if the situation is not remedied.

Tinnitus Doesn't Mean Deafness, Just Less Tolerance to Loud Noise

For their research, 170 adolescents were surveyed of their listening habits and their experiences with tinnitus. The students were also asked to have their hearing assessed in an acoustic chamber, Oregon Live reported. They found that within the last year, majority of the students have been exposed to loud music over poor listening habits and more than half have experienced tinnitus.

Upon further study of the subjects, the researchers were able to found out that those with tinnitus can hear just as well as others who don't have the condition. However, they were unable to tolerate loud noise like they used to, Mirror shared.

3 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are three ways to prevent hearing loss to stop tinnitus.

1. Stay away from noisy environments

Staying away from noisy environments including concerts, clubs, boom car shows and other events will give your ears a world of good, Better Hearing recommended. If you need to be at these places, protect yourself with equipment by wearing ear muffs or ear plugs.

2. Modulate the volume of earphones/headphones

Music is therapeutic but it will be harmful in the long run if you keep listening to it in high volumes. Make sure to keep your earphone volumes at a safe level.

3. Hearing checkups

Schedule a hearing checkup if you think you are experiencing tinnitus or other sorts of hearing problems.

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