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Why The Death Of Hodor In "Game Of Thrones" Has Such A Big Impact On The Series

Update Date: May 25, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

"Game of Thrones" has a long-winding roll call of tragic and shocking deaths throughout its past seasons. But nothing could be more eerily be befuddling to the mind than last Sunday's episode aptly titled "The Door."

With the death of the gentle giant Hodor portrayed by Kristian Nairn, who with all his strength tried to "hold the door"- we give you some of the important implications that his demise has set upon not just on Westeros but on the neighboring kingdoms as well.

3. His Passing Exposed Bran's Ability

The death of Hodor courtesy of the Whitewalkers fully bared-out Bran's ability to interact with the past in a time travel loop. His ability to warged which set him both in the past and the present of Hodor claimed the giant's mental awareness thus only prompting him to remember the heartbreaking of "hold the door."

However, Hodor's involvement in the event has already been long written even though Bran himself didn't realized that he made Hodor - the Hodor.

2. Bran's every action in the past and now have all been pre-determined

Prior to Bran's hallucination of the Night's King, another high priestess grimly mentioned that Bran has no ability to alter the fate of both Westeros and humankind. However, the once crippled Stark can be an important figure in shaping the history.

To mention once more the eerie prophecy:

"Everything is the Lord's will. Everyone is what they are, and where they are for a reason. Terrible things happen for a reason."

Thus all tragic event are there in order for other events to unfold.

1. Can Bran be the legendary Brandon the Builder?

Yet despite the continuing foreboding events in "Game of Thrones," there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The now deceased Three-Eyed Raven portrayed by Max von Sydow once called Bran by his full name - Brandon - prior to his last breath. Could Bran be the historic Westeros legendary figure? Brandon the Builder? 

Brandon the Builder is noted as the man responsible for erecting The Wall.

Could Bran be the same character? Given the he has the ability to time travel and warg into individuals who live in the past?

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