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One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum, Characters & Spoilers: Release Date For Nintendo 3DS Confirmed

Update Date: May 24, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

"One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum" is headlining its way as a stand-alone game for the Nintendo 3DS. It will again be produced by franchise owner Bandai Namco.

According to Siliconera, the first few glimpses of the game have been teased on the latest issue of Jump magazine, a Japanese manga magazine. It appears that fans can look forward to a 2D battle action, similar to retro fighting games as seen in the screenshots via the link above.

Additionally, the source stated that players can sail around the world and create a team to have a go at the prize money. "One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum" seems like a pretty straightforward title, and the goal appears simple enough as well.

There's also a teaser website recently opened for the game, according to Gematsu. The website does not contain much as far as details are concerned. There are also no announcements yet as to when the game will hit retailers and at what price. Hopefully, Bandai Namco will reveal more along the way.

Just last April, another game from the franchise, "One Piece: Burning Blood" was released and performed very well in its hometown. According to Push Square, the game had overtaken the Japanese charts and claimed the top one and two spots for its PS4 and PS Vita versions respectively.

 "One Piece: Burning Blood" will launch in North American on May 31 and in Europe on June 3 for the PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One platforms. The recent first unveiling which happened in Japan was met by a very warm reception.

 A trailer was released for "One Piece: Burning Blood" DLC. It features new playable characters. Although the new characters will be costume variations for characters already in the game, these variations will allow for new move sets.

The new character costumes include Afro Luffy, Kung Fu Luffy, Doflamingo with torn clothing, shirtless Law, Zoro with torn clothing, Strong World Ace, Strong World Shanks, young Whitebeard, Coliseum Sabo, and Bon Clay cloned as Nami.

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