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Woman Shares Hard Truth About IVF Pregnancy; Posts Used Drugs And Syringes Picture On Social Media

Update Date: May 18, 2016 06:30 AM EDT

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has proven as a boon for all the women who are unable to conceive on their own. But a recent post by a mother, Macy Rodeffer, has given a glimpse of what a woman has to go through if she opts for IVF pregnancy. Macy shared her pregnancy news by posting a picture on the social networking platform, Instagram, which has literally shown the struggle that she has gone through.

According to the reports, the image, which Rodeffer shared, consists of all the drugs which she had to put inside her body to get pregnant.

"The pic, which is going viral now, included a heart made of the daily injections and pill bottles she used throughout her in vitro fertilization treatment fertility prescription bottles and the dozens of syringes she used to give herself and," reported Today. "Inside she placed an ultrasound picture and a baby onside. To put things in perspective, the heart holds the contents of just one round of IVF, which, fortunately, is all Macy and her husband, Tyler, needed."

The would-be mother announced her pregnancy last month the way she had decided long-time ago, reported Bustle. Rodeffer said that the only notion of sharing the picture online was to let people imagine what a woman has to go through IVF pregnancy cycle after cycle.  

"This past January, we decided we were ready to do IVF, which was recommended as really our only path to conceiving a biological child," said Macy, as reported by The Inquisitr. "We were so lucky that it worked the first time. It doesn't usually. So I wanted to let people know that I just did one cycle and look at all of this. Can you imagine what so many women go through cycle after cycle after cycle of this?'"

Macy also opened up about her struggle to a news publication. She said that people should understand what it takes to go through IVF pregnancy and that it is not an easy task.

"My main motivation behind doing it was real to bring awareness to this emotional process," Rodeffer told ABC News. "The bottom line is that we don't know every detail of someone's story. You never know when someone tried to adopt and couldn't or has to save for years before it's even feasible."

To add on to the suffering, the IVF treatment does not come cheap. In order to transfer the fertilized embryo inside a woman's uterus with the needed medicines, the cost incurred is $8158, as per The National Infertility Association.

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