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Sony Playstation 5 Specs, Release Date & Price: PS5 Design Rumors & Theories Here

Update Date: May 13, 2016 06:38 AM EDT

Very little is known about the Playstation 5 as Sony is still currently stirring the pot for the launching of the 4K Playstation 4.5 which is slated for a September 2016 unveiling. Despite this hurdle we will still dish-out the rumors and speculations that surround the Playstation 5 as we will built up details on the information that we have gathered with the help of PC Advisor

Sony PlayStation 5: PS5 design

Rumors have been popping out of the web the Playstation 5 will retain the black box, blue light theme, but will be sleeker and more stylish than before. And with the advent of Playstation Now many have speculated that physical consoles will be a thing of the past, thus Playstation 5 will be more compact as ever as the former will be excluding the usage of discs.

PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service that lets you play PS3 games on the PS4, PS Vita and Bravia TVs. Think of Netflix for video games.

Sony PlayStation 5: PS5 specs

With AMD championing PS4 we can be certain that the chip company will be sticking it out for Sony for the Playstation 5.

Something else that might become synonymous with the PS5 is virtual reality. Project Morpheus, a virtual-reality system that works with PS4, suggests Sony is looking in this direction for future consoles. Such technology should allow for truly immersive gameplay, allowing you to really feel as though you are in the game.

PlayStation TV may also be important to the PS5's development as rumors abound that a wireless streaming functionality will be built into the PS5.

However, 4K Playstation 4.5 otherwise known internally as NEO will feature a higher clock speed than the original PS4, an improved GPU, and higher bandwidth on the memory. It says NEO will have eight Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz rather than the 1.6GHz in the PS4, an improved AMD GCN with 36 rather than 18 CUs running at the higher rate of 911MHz over 800MHz, and faster GDDR5 memory - 8GB at 218GB/s instead of 176GB/s.

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