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5 Scary Health Conditions That May Result In Thyroid Dysfunction

Update Date: May 04, 2016 06:38 AM EDT

Thyroid dysfunction disturbs our system in lot many ways as they interfere with metabolism which affects the growth and development of our body. Thyroid dysfunction also affects the functioning of certain organs and physiological processes by altering the hormone functions of the body. While it is widely believed that the dysfunction is an autoimmune disorder, certain body conditions also contribute to the problem. Five health conditions that may cause thyroid dysfunction are as follows

Heart Disease

While it is known that hypothyroidism may result in heart disease, people suffering from coronary heart disease is also said to be at increased risk of hypothyroidism. In a study that involved 410 patients, it was observed that many female patients suffering coronary heart disease with high cholesterol levels had hypothyroidism. Though men exhibited the same pattern female patients were found to be more prone.

Liver Diseases

"Suffering from infectious liver diseases like Hepatitis C could result in thyroid related problems. The inferno or IFN therapy used to treat hepatitis C can cause thyroid malfunctions. In fact, the thyroid-liver association can at times lead to diagnostic confusion. As while treating a liver disease prescribing anti-thyroid medications can lead to Hepatitis. This is the reason why people being treated for Hepatitis C or other autoimmune conditions need to be monitored closely for thyroid malfunctions," reported The Health Site.


Pregnancy may lead to thyroid dysfunction since hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the gland. The condition usually reverses within months of delivery as the hormone levels in the body gets back to normal but in some cases, medical assistance may be needed after childbirth.

Kidney Diseases

"Thyroid malfunctions (hyperthyroidism) affect the health of your kidneys, it increases renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate (the rate at which kidneys filter wastes through the network of blood vessels). This could lead to chronic kidney diseases in future which will only make the thyroid condition worse," noted The Health Site.


Diabetes and thyroid go hand in hand as both the conditions are the disorders of the endocrine system. The glucose levels of the body are disturbed by thyroid dysfunction and on the other hand diabetes affects thyroid gland functions.

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