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Pokemon Go Latest News: Leaked Vid Reveals 'Pokemon Go' Spoilers

Update Date: May 03, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" has once again escaped this week online. The trailer which ran for about 10 minutes gave details on how "Pokemon Go" users can customize their characters and quick-look on the gameplay as well, according to Game Spot.

This is not the first time that a footage for "Pokemon Go" has been leaked as an initial video posting was immediately pulled down from the internet. The augmented-reality game is developed by Niantic and is a free-to-play game but will be maintained by microtransactions.

Users are given may feature for their avatar-settings which take into account the preference of clothing along with facial features. "Pokemon GO" is scheduled to be finally released later this year after beta testings were sorted out first in Japan which was then catch on by both New Zealand and Australia. Further try-outs for the "Pokemon GO" will follow immediately in the United States and in the continent of Europe.

"Pokemon GO" allows users to literally walk around in the real world, thanks to Niantics' "Real World" gaming platform, which fuses electronic gaming with a true voyage to the real world. Prior to this join endeavor with Nintendo, Niantics released Ingress - another location-based on the real-world video game.

The goal of "Pokemon GO" is to acquire just like in anime and video game series wild Pokemon which are to look after and trained for future battles. Pressing a button simply lets users catch there desired virtual Pokemon. A Pokedex is even available for uncompromising collectors who wants to catch all the Pokemon available. Nintendo also developed the Pokemon Go Plus, which resembles a watch. The device has Bluetooth connectivity which alerts users the availability of a virtual Pokemon in the area.

"Pokemon GO" is available from the App store on iOS and for Android users it can be downloaded via Google Play.

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