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Women Feel Sexiest at 28 and Confident at 32

Update Date: Jul 27, 2012 09:23 AM EDT

If you are a 28-year-old woman, we can tell that you feel amazing about yourself. At least that's what a latest study says.

According to a latest research, when women hit 28, they feel the sexiest.

However, feeling sexy should not be associated with feeling confident, because according to the research, that feeling comes only by the time women reach 32.

The research has found that in spite of the fact that most of the young girls and women these days are chasing the media defined "ideal" figure and body these days, women at this age, feel just perfectly fine about their bodies.

They are happy with the shape of their body, their waist and hip size and apparently, three quarters of British women insist they wouldn't change their body shape if they were given the chance, reports the Telegraph.

The study findings revealed that when asked, 23 percent women said that they were most proud of their eyes, 20 percent said they were proud of their breasts, while 13 percent of them said they were proud of their brains.

When asked if there was anything about themselves that they would like to change, 41 percent of them said they would perhaps go for longer, slimmer legs.

The reason why women are at their confident best at 32 is perhaps because of supportive friends and family by that age which gives their ego a major boost.

For the study, the researchers surveyed 2000 women and found that a typical woman considers herself to have four good friends.

Further, the study revealed that women are most concerned about what their partner things of her body and apparently, just 2 percent of them bother and worry about what their male colleagues thought.

One-fifth of the women wished they were more confident around men.

"It's fantastic to see women are in fact quite happy with the way they look,"Clodagh Ward, Director of Marketing at Lil-Lets which commissioned the research was quoted as saying by Telegraph.

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