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7 Harmful Consequences Of Teen Sex

Update Date: Apr 29, 2016 04:58 AM EDT

You may wonder why it isn't safe to have sex as a teenager. True, sex is common for everyone and nobody can restrict you. However, please be reminded of the consequences you might face of having sex so early in life. Here are 7 harmful consequences of teen sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are the most embarrassing and debilitating diseases of all other ailments. Having unprotected sex once with an infected person is just enough for a person to be infected with STDs. It is not possible to know if your partner is healthy unless you know that person personally. If you decide to hit on someone just for the sake, you are undoubtedly landing yourself in risk for a lifetime.

Risk of pregnancy

You might end up pregnant of having unprotected sex with your partner. Of course, condoms help, but remember even condoms can fail in both the cases, STDs and pregnancy. If you conceived a baby, you might have to go for an abortion, have a baby and raise it yourself or have a baby and leave for adoption. As you know neither of the three is an easy option at as young as fifteen or sixteen.

Conflict with spouse in future

If you have sex with many partners in your teen you might not be able to develop trust in your spouse once after the wedding. You might stumble upon a person you had sex with when you are with your partner or the person could end up as your partner's friend or acquaintance.

Think of your children

What will happen if your child finds out about your teenage adventures? You might lose your dignity; on the other hand, you might end up being a bad example for your own kids.

Virginity matters

Virginity is too precious to be lost to someone whom you have no feelings for. It is fair to wait till your life partner arrives or for the right person who values you and your emotions.

Don't let others use you

It is heartache when you find out that people you had a relationship with, had used you for their own good. There are also chances for them to blackmail you for financial benefits.

Health and well-being

Overall, having sex during teen is unsafe and there are also studies that claim sex could affect brain development in teen.

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