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Allergy Shots: Why Should You Get Them?

Update Date: Apr 29, 2016 05:01 AM EDT

For anyone, there should be a certain kind of allergy that one will have to deal with though seeing a doctor should help you diminish the rate. To do so, such comes in the form of allergy shots which are meant to improve your immune system.

Each person has his or her different level of immunization which only a doctor can usually tell. For people with weak immune systems, regular injections or shots are made usually containing specific substances to help manage your allergic reactions. They are better known as allergens in medical lingo.

Allergy shots normally offer the ample amount of allergens to help improve a person’s immune system though it cannot be covered in one sitting. Ideally this is done on intervals. Depending on the dosage and the gravity of one’s allergic reactions, shots are given periodically as assessed by a physician to help diminish your allergic episodes.

For some, allergies could also be seasonal. Folks tend to have some kind of reaction with the changes that include itchy or watery eyes, sneezing or running noses. Ideally these account for something that is irritating individuals though possible humidity and plant-related stuff like pollens could be the source of it all.

Treating them should be easy with the right over-the-counter medicine though there are some who would opt to go through it using the natural means. Baths or simple washing could do the trick while others would try to stay indoors and turn up the air conditioning (done usually by the ones who are irritated by the wind or change of weather).

As far as the change in weather is concerned, tree pollen is seen as one reason behind the irritation. This normally occurs in early Spring though such could be followed by grass pollen in as well in the early Summer.

For those who have been turning to honey, it would be best to control intake. Though they do have pollens, though not originating allergenic tree, grass and weed pollen. This means that pollen coming from flowers do not usually produce an immune response compared to tree pollens.

“There aren’t any real herbal remedies or holistic treatments that have been proven to help,” said Dr. Ellen Dutta, assistant medical director of allergy at the Massachusetts General Hospital. “The pollens that we’re allergic to are the types of pollens that travel by wind — tree, weed or grass pollens that blow in the air.”

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