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Top 5 Relationship Killers: Are You Hooked With The Right Mate?

Update Date: Apr 29, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Holding a good relationship with your partner is easier said than done these days, normally attributed to a lot of outside factors. This is one reason why there is a thing called courtship, to see if both can jive together and turn something good.

There are of course exceptions. Some would easily hit it off while others would simply get into a relationship for the sake of having one. The latter part is of course a big no-no, usually a result of people wanting to be in with the times.

The early stages could be awkward though everyone knows that it takes more than a lifetime to truly know the other. The courtship stages are only the getting-to-know you stages and the seriousness of getting into something deep would normally sink in once the feelings get in the way.

Relationships can be both good or bad, depending on how two people are able to manage it. It could turn out well and then again maybe not. But the thing is that even in marriages, discovering the real personality of the other is the turning point to gauge if one made the right decision.

As far as relationship killers are concerned, there are plenty to mention as a probable cause. Here are some of the ones we picked out.

  1. A Matter of Priority. Whether it be a simple relationship or actual marriage, each mate needs a list of priorities. This could vary though there are some who place relationships ahead of it all. For people who are truly in-love, this could be a good thing as long as you don’t forget the other important things in life. It is a balancing act even if one stands out. That includes finances and providing, important things to consider as well which could be tied up with troubled relationships if not addressed properly.
  2. Lack of Communication. The worst thing that partners can do is withhold things from each other. Relationships need ample communication which should be two-way. Holding back will result in grudges and eventually tear both apart.
  3. Third parties. This one is a no brainer. While loyalty is promised when both pledge their commitment, temptations will always come around. It could be at school or at the office, something that ultimately places the faithfulness of one to the test. It is something that can be avoided though most of the time temporarily.
  4. Stress. Students or the working class will need to learn to deal with stress. It can be shared with the other but the last thing that one should do is reel it into the relationship. While it is something that cannot be avoided, it should be set apart from relationships by couples as best as they can.
  5. Foolish pride. People carry different personalities and pride is of course one of them. Depending on how one can handle it, it could be something that can ruin a relationship. There are some who have mastered the art, lowering their pride a bit. But like most, there are limitations and people who have trouble handling proud people may have to set a bar on their tolerance.

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