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3 Problems Of Spinal Disorders

Update Date: Apr 30, 2016 04:20 AM EDT
MRI (T2-image) of a spinal disc protrusion in the left lateral recess, at the L5 level compressing the left central nerve root.
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/Damato)

With any surgery, there is the likelihood of issues. When surgery is carried out near to the spine and the spinal cord, these issues  if they occur can be very serious. Complications could involve future pain and impairment and the disadvantages of an additional surgery.

You should discuss the issues associated with surgery with your doctor before the said procedure. The set of issues provided here is not a complete set of issues. It is vital that you discuss the potential risks of surgery with a medical expert.

Only your doctor can evaluate your condition and inform you of the hazards of a future medical treatment. 

Post-surgery complications at first may be emotionally overpowering and can be recuperation with the help of medical experts to address the lifestyle alteration through development of various approaches, according to Mayo Clinic areas greatly affected are as follows:

Bladder and Bowel Control

The cauda equina or otherwise known as the "horse's tail is the passageway of the nerves that control these internal organs which are attached to the base of the spinal cord. Messages will no longer go by via the nerves in both the bladder and the bowel to the brain which will inform an individual that the organs are already full and advised you to urinate or defecate.

Sexual Health and Depression

There is a low sexual desire for an individual after a spinal cord injury. For a significant number of people with SCI, however, sexual interest and desire remain low for prolonged periods of time. In past generations, the population was not overly worried about this disinterest. However, the present day has brought a lot of changes. Reasons from both the psychological and physical aspect. Physically, the testosterone levels after a trauma are in a low state with men tallying between 70-80%.

Psychologically, this leads to depression with fears of both failing and rejection from the opposite sex - giving much emphasis on how another individual will respond to the injured body. This concerns a lot of men as they will question themselves if they will ever be able to satisfy a woman after such an injury.

Respiratory Functions

A more chronic problem facing post-surgery are problems from cardiovascular functions such as hypotension, impaired respiratory reflexes, and loss of cardiac acceleration.

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