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7 Benefits Of Monogamous Relationships On Your Mind And Body

Update Date: May 01, 2016 04:20 AM EDT
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Being monogamous to one's partner in a relationship can bring a lot of advantages for both your mind and body. Below we give you a surprising catalogue on why one should dare to be different in a world sometimes fueled with casual sex as cited by Health Central.

1. People who are monogamous have a longer life span as attributed to a 2007 study in seven European countries. The registry which included husbands and wives with an average age above 40 were given the possibility of living longer by 10 - 15 percent. This also covered unforeseen accidents, violence, and other natural catastrophes.
2. Monogamous men have a less unhealthy lifestyle, therefore, saying goodbye to such bad habits as smoking, alcohol binging, and possible substance abuse. Married also promotes once over-indulgent individuals to backtrack and live a more buttoned-down lifestyle.
3.  A percentage of individuals who are unmarried and divorced have a higher rate of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, lung disease.
4. Women who are married have a more balanced mental health as this leans towards fewer occasions of depression which also indicates that those with bipolar disorders do have a lesser episode of manic attacks.
5. There is less stress especially for men as this restrains their stress response. Also, there is this sense of freedom from women from the ever present beauty ritual as the superficial notion of living it up automatically is lowered as you have spent it with one established partner.
6.  A peace of mind from sexually transmitted diseases as one will need not worry about contracting any infection.
7. Men have a more enjoyable sex life as attributed to a sex survey wherein 49% of married men made it clear that they were satisfied both emotionally and physically with their sex lives in contrast to only 33% of men who were mostly single.
It should be noted also that men may benefit more from monogamy than women, according to Bust
Blogger Lamar Tyler who has four children of his own mentioned that, "family is the basis of human society," and that "monogamy allows me to express my love." It's true that non-monogamous relationships would certainly complicate the family structure as we know it today, but I know many non-monogamous couples who are able to express their love to each other very well.

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