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10 Healthy Foods For Men

Update Date: Apr 26, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Men and women have different dietary needs to improve their health. Men need nutrients that provide energy that help them with their daily activities. They also need healthy foods to keep themselves from acquiring diseases like prostate cancer.

The following foods will make men forget about energy drinks - mostly are made from drugs and usually unhealthy - just to get an extra kick of energy.

1. Yogurt provides a quick boost of energy which makes it a good snack before working out. It has lactose which is used for energy. It is also a good source of protein that slows down the absorption of lactose that makes the energy boost last longer.

2. Shrimps are known for its delicious taste and cholesterol content. Need not to worry, because according to the latest Dietary Guidelines Committee report, the cholesterol content of the shrimp is not strong enough to raise the blood cholesterol. Moreover, it contains vitamin B12 that helps energy metabolism and a good source of omega-3 that boosts energy and mood, as reported by Men's Fitness.

3. Popeye's power food, the spinach, is also a real life energy boosting food. A study in Sweden showed that it contains nitrates that increase the efficiency of mitochondria, a nutrient that produces energy in cells.

4. Banana does not only improve mood, it also boosts energy as it contains B-vitamins and fiber for long lasting energy and potassium that aids muscle functions.

5. Almond is also known for its magnesium that keeps the body from tiring quickly during physical activities. It is also packed with niacin, thiamin, folate and riboflavin that convert food to energy.

The following group of foods will make men forget about their synthetic food supplements were they get unnatural nutrients to stay healthy.

6. Bell pepper has three times more vitamin C than orange according to medical studies. A raw bell peeper is an effective way to help the body absorb bioflavonoids.

7. Garlic is known as a superfood. It has an anti-inflammatory property, rich in bioflavonoids, and able to deliver antioxidants. It also helps maintain a healthy circulatory system, according to India Times.

8. Broccoli, despite of its bland taste contains isothiocyanates, which stimulates the liver to produce enzymes the kills the effects of cancer producing cells. It also has vitamin C that boosts immune system and fiber that controls sugar levels in blood.

9. Red wine contains polyphenols that help keep away some types of cancer. It neutralizes free radicals that cause disease.

10. Pomegranate may not be totally cure prostate cancer, but a recent study showed that its juice reduced the rate of the rising PSA level in men by 35 percent.

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