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Prevention Of Low Back Pain

Update Date: Apr 26, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Back pain can originate from a lot of things such as exercise or improper posture. Age would normally have something to do with it but the underlying factor of it all is that it is something that can imminently affect anyone.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, back pain is considered the fifth most common reason that a person would visit a doctor, especially when the pain becomes intolerable.

The type of lower back pain could range from dull aches to sharp ones usually a result of accidental injuries or medical conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia or spinal stenosis. Being overweight or sedentary could also be a cause, showing how such can be caused by anyone at any time.

With no telling when lower back pain can strike, the best that people can do is to take necessary precautions to avoid it. Here are some ways to try to avoid back pain via WebMD:

  1. Stretch. In any sport or activity that would require heavy use of muscles and extremities, it is best to do some stretching so as to loosen up.
  2. Watch your weight. Big stomachs have a bearing on the center of gravity in the human body thus a reason why some people could be incurring lower back pains. Best way to go about it is to stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight.
  3. Stop smoking. Smoking has been known to cut off nutrient-containing blood to the spinal discs and such leaves one vulnerable to potential back pain.
  4. Sleep positions. Sleeping positions can be critical hence it would be best to seek advice from your doctor. Pillows can be of good use, something you can place under your knees or lower back.
  5. Proper postures. Sitting can contribute to lower back pains, a reason why some recommend ergonomically approved seats. Keep your knees a bit higher than your hips while seated. Prop your feet on a stool if you need to.
  6. No Wallets on your back pocket. It has been customary for some people to place wallets at their back pockets. One can imagine the discomfort of a bulging wallet and that could radiate as far as the back if one is not careful.
  7. Avoid the fit clothing. Wardrobes contribute to back pains to so be careful. Bending will be affected and such could lead to a bad back.
  8. Back supports are temporary relievers. For some, using back braces are an alternative. Be mindful that such is only a temporary reprieve meaning it will totally allude the dreaded pain you may feel afterwards.

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