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7 Benefits of Good Night's Sleep

Update Date: Apr 23, 2016 07:35 AM EDT

At some point, everyone needs to get some sleep though some have opted to sacrifice some nap time to be more productive or maximize their time.

The initiative could make sense only that by doing so, the efficiency and productivity are put into question.

At some point, lack of sleep could take its toll and will impair the cognitive and overall health. Bodies still need a break and sleep is something that can help in the regenerating process that would allow individuals to retain an alert and health lifestyle.

So what are some of the benefits of a good night’s sleep?

1. Better brains and improves memory

Sleep is something that the human brain would need and adequate nap time will be a big help. Memory work is a benefactor seen when one is able to sleep, strengthening the memories of practice skills that are present when one is awake.

2. Better protection against diseases.

These days, diseases and illnesses are rampant and sleep could be a good shield from them. Known problems such as heart problems, diabetes and obesity are among the illnesses that one could avoid with the right amount of sleep.

3. Improved sex life.

Sleep allows people to re-energize and one of the things in a person’s life that could be improved is his or her sex life. It helps address tiredness as it makes sure that anyone would have the adequate energy to perform such when the moment arises.

4. Better recovery from injuries or pain.

For the active folks out there who may have suffered from some acute or chronic pain episodes, sleeping may be something hard to come by. Nevertheless, it would be best to try as hard as you can to get some shuteye to aid medication you may be taking. Pain relievers and sleep aids could help just as long as you are aware of the side effects they could possibly carry.

5. Brings out the creative nature in you

With enough sleep, one wakes up fresh and gets some creative juices or thinking going. When napping, the stocked memories the human brain somehow reorganizes them in a way that could spur up some new ideas.

Studies from Harvard University and Boston College claim as well that the emotion components of memories during sleep help ignite one to become more creative.

6. Improved athleticism

Athletes and players need the ample amount of sleep to perform well in any sport they may be into. But it needs to be done on a regular basis to keep their competence level up. At some point, it could even help improve and bring the performance level up a notch, likely because proper sleep allows them to regenerate better and improve their current conditioning.

7. Better moods

People tend to get easily annoyed if they are tired or lack sleep. That seems understandable considering how lack of sleep will likely place one in a cranky mood. With a good night’s sleep, one is expected to wake up to a calm and peaceful self meaning better interaction and energized spells with other people.

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