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New Alzheimer's Cure Possible With Protein Injection Trials

Update Date: Apr 23, 2016 07:45 AM EDT

The injection not only clears out the Alzheimer's-like symptom but also put a stop in the building of more amyloid plaques. Eddy Liew who led the triumphant research in the University of Glasgow in the UK mentioned that: "IL-33 is a protein produced by various cell types in the body and is particularly abundant in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). We found that injection of IL-33 into aged APP/PS1 mice rapidly improved their memory and cognitive function to that of the age-matched normal mice within a week."

The study, however, is still in its infant stage as the trials have been relegated to mice only. The researchers have not brought up the idea that they will be testing human subjects any time soon as a slim rate of only 8 percent has been placed as a possible translation of the results from mice to humans.

During the trials, Liew and his colleagues noticed that the protein IL-33 springboards the microglia, a group of immune cells in the brain to confront the toxic amyloid plaques.

The public has long been showcased with Alzheimer's disease treatment that has been tested in animals but has never been relegated to human study. 

Curcumin a constituent of curry and Bexarotene which has been approved for skin cancer showed remarkable results during animal testings, according to NCBI.

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