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How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Body

Update Date: Apr 23, 2016 08:20 PM EDT

To continue the crusade in opposing the stand that marijuana is non-addicting, a Columbia University research handed out recently the common syndromes pervasive with its continued use.

According to Medical Daily, in a study that covered six million adults merely a 7 percent fraction have strived for their addiction to be treated while the remaining number are undergoing a self-imposed deterioration as they are being hounded as they grow older with respiratory Issues, lower levels of dopamine, schizophrenia, and anxiety issues. Issues which these adults have chosen to ignore deliberately.

In order to build up a high, individuals who smoke marijuana have a habit of deeply inhaling the marijuana smoke for a longer period of time. This has lead a study from the University of California San Francisco that although marijuana has no direct link to cancer it has been supplementary to more than a couple of respiratory issues such as wheezing, coughing, bacteria in the lungs, and airway inflammation among pot users - especially for those who belong to the marijuana heavy user demographic.

The majority of marijuana users from glorified rock stars to chameleon-like film actors to reclusive poets assert that their usage of the drug is to open out the creative person within. This creed has been echoed by a study from the Columbia University Medical Center that marijuana fires up the creative juices but grows into a damaging attribute with chronic ill-management.

Primarily, the brain's dopamine levels will be imbalance since the use of marijuana now fuels the brain pleasure centers which has now become a give and take release for the natural dopamine.

Marijuana in great quantities also contributes to withdrawal from reality or schizophrenia. A study from the Baycrest Health Sciences' Rotman Research Institute in Canada reported that a thinner cortex was prevalent in a set of young males who habitually smoke marijuana - which can lead to an individual to be more inclined in creating make-believe situations.

Lastly, smoking marijuana on a daily basis promotes a state of continuous uneasiness and apprehension in a person otherwise known as anxiety. A Boston children's hospitals study mentioned that marijuana use does help in lightening up a set-back but at the end it only makes them worse as it goes on.

Relevantly, females tend to be a regular user of marijuana then men as they easily become too engaged with the habit, according to NCBI.


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