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E-Cigarettes Attract More Teens Today: Middle School Kids Addicted To Vaping

Update Date: Apr 18, 2016 05:11 AM EDT

E-cigarette consumption has been the latest fad in many middle and high school students as users have tripled in numbers from 2013- 2014.

The published registry from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products stated that last year almost three million high school and middle school students preferred to use e-cigarettes. Usage of the trendy smoking gadget skyrocketed from 1.5 percent in 2011 to 16 percent for high school students while a jump from 0.6 percent to 5.3 percent for middle school students was recorded in the statistics, according to New Orleans Times.

Included in the said data gathering mentioned that e-cigarettes have done better in the consumer market especially than any other form of tobacco product as the former has also been the product of choice by most non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics.

The FDA may have a concrete authority on cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. However, the agency still has no full control of e-cigarettes in which several states now have submitted laws which limit the minimum purchase age.

E-cigarettes last year reeled-in not less than $3.5 billion in annual sales in the U.S courtesy of its trendy vaporized nicotine which permeates a myriad of flavors which immediately snagged the curious public.

The recent assertions from e-cigarette manufacturers that their products are not harmless because by no means does it burn tobacco has been an ongoing debate.

The CDC report also made it a point to let the parents know that nicotine in any form is it e-cigarette, hookah, cigarette or cigar is dangerous especially when consumed by adolescents. The introduction of nicotine at a developing age such as adolescence is a serious threat to one's brain development - as it will trigger not just a long-lasting harm to the brain but will lead to addiction and continuing use of the substance.

Dr. Harold J. Farber, a pediatric pulmonologist at Texas Children's Hospital was cited by the website saying:

"E-cigarettes are the hot new thing. They are hip, they are cool, they have candy flavors that appeal to young kids, and they are amazingly discreet." They also contain one of the most addictive substances that exist, and e-cigarette manufacturers are doing a great job of marketing these products to kids."

A celebrated case involving e-cigarettes made it into the headlines lately with "Dora the Explorer" voice actress Fátima Ptacek receiving a school penalty for three days suspension for being caught in the high school bathroom vaping, according to The Associated Press

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