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'Miracle Baby' Born: Cancer Patient Refused Chemotherapy to Save Fetus

Update Date: Apr 13, 2016 05:14 AM EDT

Kim Vaillancourt, the pregnant woman who shunned chemotherapy in battling her cancer gave birth last Friday, April 8.

Her phenomenal birth shooed-in Wyatt Eli, who is close on to be 6 weeks premature and weighs in at 4 pounds and 7 ounces, according to Newser.

Kim, who is from Tonawanda, NY, went for a hospital check-up during the Christmas break due to an intermittent headache on the fifth month of her pregnancy. What was supposed to be a routine examination unfortunately brought to light two brain tumors after Kim was rushed to the emergency room wherein there were malignant growths of Glioblastoma were located anterior to her brain with one group of tumor cells clustered near her brain stem. 

The tumors were immediately surgically removed which meant that a scheduled radiation therapy session will be in progress to completely eradicate the cancerous cells; which are strictly noted to materialize again in a period of six weeks if not treated correctly.

Kim who already has two biological children and two adopted ones resolved to halt more introduction of chemicals to stop the growth of the cancer cells as an effort to save from harm the developing fetus.   

"The baby saved me. Now it's my turn to save him," she revealed that she wouldn't have gone for a check-up if she was not bothered about Wyatt Eli whom she was then carrying. 

Medically, women who are undergoing such an illness are mostly advised by their physician to end the pregnancy in favor of chemotherapy medication.

It is not surprising that they named the infant "Wyatt Eli," which means "little warrior sent by God."

Kim's husband told the Daily Mail that:

"Just taking one day at a time.Even looking too far into the future, you just get caught up in what it can look like. Why even do that?"

Jenny Koch, a close family friend mentioned also to Daily Mail that everyone was "over the moon excited" on Wyatt Eli birth.

Nevertheless, the whole family still asks for the continued prayers on this recent miracle that happened to them.

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